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May holidays


The studio will be closed for holidays from 05 to 26 May 2024.

Experience movement consciously

Here, everything revolves around intelligent, holistic movement systems, which are most effective when body, mind and soul are made to interact. The entire body is strengthened, straightened and stretched from the inside out – for optimal posture and more strength, stability and mobility in every situation. Whether as a personal training session, as a class of two or in a small group.

Time just for you

Personal training

Our many years of wide-ranging experience and daily hunger for knowledge allow us to respond specifically to your personal needs. We offer you a tailor-made training programme, because what suits one person is not necessarily best for you. Our philosophy focuses on individuality and functionality, and is fun at the same time. 60 minutes set aside especially for you!

Solo or duo

Sometimes sharing an experience makes it twice as fun. If you have similar needs, you are welcome to book a duo session for you and your companion so that you can enjoy the benefits of personal training together.

Flexibility and discretion

You choose your ideal training times and we help you to tackle one level at a time. This will allow you to achieve your goals step by step. We attach great importance to personality and professionalism – you and your needs receive our full attention.

Creativity and motivation

Every training session brings a new challenge. Life is multifaceted, so we do everything we can to make sure that you don’t get bored and are prepared for all (life) situations. We maintain your motivation and desire to achieve new goals thanks to our know-how, our creativity and the variety of training equipment used. This ensures that success comes about all by itself.

Personal. Individual. Sustainable.

Passion and expertise


Are you looking for a way to increase your well-being, to obtain a healthy and strong body, to release tension or relieve pain – to become your best “self”? We can help you.

I am Petra Knellwolf, the founder of PURE MOVE and the main trainer. I am assisted by my colleague Julia Brenner, who takes yoga classes.

We adopt a mindful approach and teach a varied programme that focuses on the functionality of the body. We have been helping people to build their strength for many years. The advantage of Pure Move is that we treat different body types individually. We put our ideas into practice with enthusiasm and we love what we do.


Discover the value, diversity and depth of Pilates, yoga and myofascial training. All group training courses consist of small groups of a maximum of 8 people. This gives you more scope for individuality whilst allowing us to respond more closely to the needs of each participant.


Treat yourself and let yourself be pampered on a long weekend. Leave everyday life behind for a while and recharge your batteries by taking part in our varied Pilates or yoga classes. The weekends take place either at the Parkhotel Margna in Sils in the Engadine or at the Fuchsegg Eco Lodge in the Vorarlberg. A weekend of strengthening, relaxation and enjoyment awaits you.


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So ➡️ die Türen von PURE MOVE…
Doch erst gerade angekommen🙃 u…
Ein Wort das man immer wieder…

Dear Petra, my personal training with you is very diverse and varied. You always try to provide an extremely solid basic structure, incorporating muscles from all over the body. You also focus on the inner muscles in particular. Since I’ve been training with you, I no longer have any core body problems, and the pain in my right knee has almost completely disappeared. Training with you is fun. Thank you!


Dear Petra, I really wish I could have you in London, as you work wonders with my body. Thank you so much for all your patience and encouragement. You really are the best ever.


Every week I look forward to alternating between group Pilates classes and personal training with the apparatus. The lessons are well structured, always varied and, despite everything, allow participants to express their individuality, even in a group. I hardly ever have any sore muscles after a class with Petra. ;)! My body awareness has completely changed after regular Pilates. I feel much better. It’s almost an addiction – Pilates with Petra. It’s good for you and fun at the same time! I can advise everyone to train with Petra in the beautiful PURE MOVE studio! See you soon, I’m looking forward to it!


I find that Petra from PURE MOVE is very well organised, reliable and punctual. But she’s flexible too! The studio is always kept clean and tidy. Petra always provides lots of explanations, but this helps me to improve even more and enables me to understand why and how (it’s also quite funny at the same time). I really like the variety of the classes, and I appreciate the fact that the sessions also include fascia and yoga exercises. They are good value for money – and I can’t think of anything negative to say at the moment!!! P.S. I think reliability is particularly important! It’s not necessarily the case elsewhere!!


Living in the beautiful Engadine makes us all want to be active and fill our lungs with such exceptional fresh air. Petra’s classes have allowed me to listen to my body and find a balance between being naturally sportive and simply doing too much. Petra’s attention to detail is extraordinary. Her outstanding knowledge allows me to isolate individual muscles and strengthen my core without even realising it. The concentration on breathing releases any stress built up in my head, and after each class I feel as though I am walking on air! What a way to meet new friends – such wonderful, inspiring, friendly people. PURE MOVE allows me to “Live the dream in the Engadine”!!! Thank you PURE MOVE. 🙂


I would like to thank you... for a diverse, in-depth and interesting Pilates workshop. I was particularly pleased and impressed by your professional, careful and attentive guidance. My mind and body both felt so relaxed and light after these few days – it really did me good.


All the elements are present in us. Petra shows us how to use them in a targeted way. The PURE MOVE studio is the ideal place to recharge your batteries, strengthen your muscles and relax. Petra’s high level of expertise, the variety of the training sessions, and the quiet, small setting were very much appreciated by myself and by all the participants. The use of sound bowls perfectly rounds off the excellent breathing and body training. Keep it up, Petra, and thank you!


Petra teaches in a very sensitive, straightforward way. She gives clear yet gentle instructions. The whole yoga class represents a pleasant flow. Her studio is very nice and well furnished. I will definitely go to her yoga class again, despite the long journey.


A tastefully furnished studio with a great atmosphere! I feel very comfortable and know I am in good hands. There is a lot of emphasis on correct posture! Very personal, almost like having private lessons! I appreciate the human factor, and like the fact that the attitude is not too dogged. Thank you, Petra, keep it up 🙂 !!!


I find the combination of yoga, Pilates and exercises in the sling brilliant! Aerial Flow is my new passion, and I look forward to the Pure Move class every week!


Very professional guidance, varied training programmes for strengthening joint mobility, muscles, the mind and core body stability. Friendly, cheerful teaching and well reasoned arguments about the exercises, which have given me better balance, fitness and confidence. Really great!!


I love going to Senior Pilates (Fit in old age) every Thursday. The exercises we do are really good for body and soul. Petra makes a lot of effort to do gymnastics with us older people. Her calm and caring attitude makes lots of things possible that might not otherwise have been achieved. I can highly recommend her to everyone and I hope to be able to carry on going to her studio for a long time to come. Her training sessions simply do you good.