Strengthen your body from the inside out


Pilates is a systematic whole-body workout to strengthen the muscles. It mainly targets the pelvic floor and the abdominal and back muscles. Pilates consists of gentle yet intense exercises that are all about enhancing muscular balance and body awareness. The aim is to develop strength, stability and flexibility starting from the centre, or core, of the body, working outwards to the extremities.


Holistically & sustainable

Movement patterns that were originally known to the body, but that have been modified or abandoned due to our lifestyle, are often the cause of various kinds of tension and pain. By gaining conscious awareness of the body, we learn to establish efficient and sustainable movement patterns that can alleviate or completely eliminate discomfort.

We work with the fundamental Pilates principles of breath, centre, concentration, precision, control and flow. There are our tools and the key to our success.

Taking into account the laws of physiology and anatomy, and making allowance for our individual physical limits, the method is suitable for people of all ages, genders and athletic abilities – in other words, for everyone who wants to do something good for their bodies.


The method was invented by Joseph Pilates, who was born in Mönchengladbach in 1883. He originally called it Contrology, because Pilates is all about mind control over muscles. Joseph Pilates’ famous phrase, “It is the brain that forms the body”, remains just as true today.

At PURE MOVE, we respect the roots of Joseph Pilates’ traditional method. His ideas form the solid foundation of our approach. We also incorporate the latest research findings into our courses.


A correct and healthy posture

Alleviation of tension and pain

Less stress, more vitality and positive energy

Muscular balance and body awareness

Development of strength, stability and flexibility from the inside out

classic & contemporary

Pilates equipment

Working with Pilates equipment provides an extra challenge or gives you the support you need to learn the method from scratch.




Ladder barrel

Step barrel


Pilates equipment can only be used during a personal training session for one or two people.

Introductory course Pilates mat

The introductory course is suitable if you have no Pilates experience at all or if you would like to go back to the basics in individual sessions. You will learn to recognise your own particular movement and posture patterns in the course of three personal training sessions. You can only become an expert if you start from a sound basis.

Fit in old age

This course is specially designed for older participants. The gentle sports movements are beneficial for physical, mental and social activity in equal measure. I work with you individually on your strength, flexibility, posture, stability and safety. This allows you to regain mobility and reduce the risk of falling.

“Pilates – gives you the choice, to take a chance for a wonderful change.”