Personal training in small groups

Pilates, yoga & myofascial training

In our classes, the focus is on bringing about a positive change in postural habits, learning relaxed breathing techniques and regaining suppleness. This will allow you to tackle the demands of everyday life with strength and energy.
All training courses consist of small groups of a maximum of 8 people. This leaves more scope for individual needs and personal guidance during training.

From the core

Pilates mat & equipment

Pilates gives you the chance to experience a wonderful change. Whether on a mat or using special equipment, Pilates is a functional whole-body workout. Strength, stability and flexibility are developed in a targeted manner from the inside out.


Yoga & Aerial Flow

Yoga is the path to yourself! It focuses on developing mindfulness, body awareness and inner stability. You learn to accept your limits, find your balance and calm your mind, resulting in a greater feeling of serenity and lightness.


Myofascial training

Our fascia form a sensory system that gives our body resilience and stability. It is important for our fascia to function smoothly and for the system to be strengthened. This increases efficiency of movement in the long term.


Personal training

Personal training allows you to choose your ideal training times. We will help you to achieve your personal goals step by step. Personal training sessions are offered for individuals or for two people at a time. Contact us without obligation so that we can discuss the details.