Inner strength and relaxation


In yoga, you fully concentrate on the particular movement you are doing. It develops mindfulness, body awareness and inner strength. Yoga can help you to release physical and emotional blockages, enabling you to face the challenges of everyday life calmly and with confidence.

Hatha Yoga

Develop your mindfulness

Each yoga session has a specific theme that promotes awareness and mindfulness.

Our approach is centred around flowing, powerful body movements, combined with various breathing techniques.

The final part of each session is dedicated to relaxation. The resting positions have a regenerating and balancing effect on our nervous system.

Of course, the final relaxation part of the sessions (Shavasana) must not be missed.

benefits of yoga

A holistic approach to exercise

You will feel strengthened, satisfied and relaxed

Serenity, lightness and confidence

A healthy body and a calm, clear mind

Yoga promotes mindfulness towards yourself and your environment, and encourages self-reflection


Strength lies in tranquillity

Yin yoga is a very meditative style of yoga. It is about practising the art of letting go to achieve calmness and lightness. Each exercise is held for three to five minutes, thereby achieving a more powerful effect, right down to the deepest layers of the body. These exercises stimulate the nervous system, joints, ligaments, tendons, bones and the entire fascia and meridian system.

Gain a sensation of calmness and lightness

Mostly sitting or lying positions

Eliminate muscle tension

Release blockages

Improve the flow of energy through the body

Mental regeneration

Reduction of physical, mental and emotional stress

Outdoor yoga at Chastè

Sessions take place outdoors on Wednesdays (08:30 to 09:30 a.m.) during the summer months of July and August. The aim is to balance our bodies, strengthen the connections between our muscles and fascia, and enjoy the feeling of holistic harmony.
Find yourself and obtain inner peace in the beautiful morning sun in Chastè near Sils (right by the lake). The course is also particularly suitable for holiday guests. Information on whether or not a session will take place outdoors can be found on the homepage the previous evening.

Aerial Flow

Coordination, balance & fun

Aerial Flow is a style of yoga that utilises a wide sling suspended from the ceiling to perform movements. It combines traditional yoga methods with certain Pilates techniques, along with a few additional acrobatic elements.

The effects of the movements in and on the sling go right down to the deepest layers of your body. After a training session, you can feel the blood reaching all the different parts of your body. The exercises often require a little courage and confidence, but you will leave each session with a sense of confidence and positivity.

Let go and enjoy the feeling of weightlessness

Experience new types of movement and body awareness

Strengthen coordination and balance

Enhance your mobility

Discover exciting movement sequences

“It’s not your history but your presence on your mat that matters.”

Patthabi Jois